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February 10, 2012

My latest Sugru hacks

This is a food processor lid that snapped in half when I dropped it on the slate floor.  Sugru to the daring, orange rescue. (the food processor body is orange so it all looks absolutely intentional)


The plumbing pipes above the new water heater collect condensation, which then drips on the top of the water heater and wants to run into the electrical well on top of the water heater.  IX-NAY!  I made a nice white gasket around the electrical controls so no pesky water can find its way into the workings.  

Sugru water heater repair



Super cool, Mag! I never heard of this product before but can already imagine tons os uses.
I'm a new subscriber to your blog but I feel like I've known you forever! Looking forward to reading more.

garage equipment

The formulation of sugru contains methyltris, silane, and dioctyltin dilaurate. Its formulation can be varied to offer different levels of consistency, plasticity, softness, resiliency, surface adhesion, modulus and abrasion resistance, setting time, density, and ability to float.

Mechteld Abelli

It can be dangerous when water drips on to your heater's electrical wires. That's a good alternative solution. But I think it would be better if you totally covered it up with some hard cap plastic to literally keep water from dripping on to your electrical wires.

Darryl Iorio

That's another nifty hack! The water that drips on your electrical wire poses great danger. Yep, Sugru is an effective alternative. But it would be a lot safer if you provide a sturdy lid, or a cover-up which is water-resistant.

Javier Hallum

Well, I think you should use a hard plastic cap to cover your electrical wires from drips completely. But, that's a brilliant idea to use white gasket, though. Good work!

Pros Water Heater

This is pretty cool. Very creative and intuitive. I agree with Javier above, but really good idea. Props!

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