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January 17, 2016

How to Make a DIY Meditation Fountain


Some of us tend to forget what we’ve accomplished in our lifetimes and we find ourselves feeling like we’ve never done anything meaningful, useful or worthwhile.

Some of us may even go through low spots when we feel that our lives haven’t had any validity.

But when we express that to friends, they're aghast, because that’s not their sense at all. They may think we’re highly accomplished, but we feel like impostors.

So, after a couple of years of feeling that way, I decided to start questioning that belief. Just for a few days.

And in that few days I looked back at all the things I’ve done and you know what? Just scrolling through the ridiculous number of things I’ve made, tried to make, or failed to make, I felt better.

Here’s an example: Episode 1 of Anything I Can Do – “Fountain Do” – how to make a meditation fountain. It was my first day on set with this show (early 2000) and I was giddy to the point of hysteria. But it was kinda fun. And I got to shoot the show on the same farm we used when we shot Road to Avonlea. Such beauty and happy memories. 


Get the free downloadable plans for making your own version of Mag's DIY Meditation Fountain. 

And if by some chance DIY isn't your thang, here's Episode #1 of my relationship show, Men On Women, which aired in Canada in 2000-2001. 


  • Detecting attraction 
  • When a guy says "I'll call you" after a date, how long does a girl wait for him to call before she knows he was fibbing? And do women ever say "I'll call you" and not call?
  • Call from viewer: Why do guys make a distinction between a woman they'd want to marry and a woman who they want to fool around with?
  • Breast implants
  • Manly Moments: Kissing on a first date
  • Physical affection parameters
  • Rushing or not rushing a relationship
  • Audience question: On a first date, how do you know when you're not interested in a girl, and how do you let her know?
  • Relationships in art





I have always admired you and your insouciant "How hard can it be?" slogan. And I mean always.



What I really enjoyed about the fountain-making episode was how you laughed as things happened that might have caused other people to melt down or re-shoot the section. You mention being giddy but without knowing that, I saw it as an excellent role-model to laugh through the 'oops' moments, everything is fixable in one way or another.
Keep posting these videos, they are so much fun!


Thank you, Mark - I admire your use of the word 'insouciant'. It should be in my tag line. "How insouciant can it be?" Much better!


Thanks for your thoughtful remarks, Flyfisherjo...you're kind as ever. Hope to meet you one day at Eweknit - I haven't even been in the city long enough to see their new store yet! xxo


Knit nights start up again in February. Come in from the cold!

Bettina Goodwin

Mag, I used to watch Anything I can Do all the time and I loved it. I think what I loved most was how you handled human imperfection with grace and humour.
I love DIY's and got some great ideas from your show.

Judi Buller

After a little over a year redecorating what used to be my daughters' bedroom, I finally put it all back together again today.

~ Refinish mismatched furniture in a crackle finish and daisy decals - check. Toothbrush rug made from old sheets - check. Recovered lampshade with scrap of one of those sheets and leftover rosebud trim - check. Design and crochet daisy trim for desk cloth - check. Dig out daisy quilt started more than twenty years ago and get it completed - check. Give an old dust ruffle new life using a cheap fitted sheet - check. Make window and closet valances from vintage pillowcases - check. Turn an old toybox into a window seat with dress-up costumes hidden inside - check. Pull out vintage items from my own childhood and my mom's too, and use them to add some personality - check. ~

It's been good therapy for me, now that I'm at this place in my life where my kids are on their own, but I'm not yet seeing the fruit of all the years of loving, nurturing, and teaching. Did I accomplish anything with them? My head knows I did, I just need to be patient while waiting for proof. Easy to say, hard to do.

(And btw, many happy returns of the day! I hope it's splendiforous!)
the second twin

Judi Buller

Ugghh. I should never post in the middle of the night. What a mess. Sorry.


Hi Judi, I'm so sorry I missed your original post. There's no 'ugh' about it. You're working through very important feelings to do with your own life and your feelings about motherhood. I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier! Hope you had a great birthday. I should've taken you out for a coffee that day - sounds like we both needed the therapy.


Judi Buller

Thank you, Mag. You're very gracious and very generous. I would've loved going out for coffee with you.

Upon reading that bit about going out for coffee, I suddenly heard in my head the Mills Brothers, singing "You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine." Thanks for the warm thoughts!

I hope you're having an exceedingly satisfying day today.

o|\ (that's supposed to be a singing emoticon!)

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