March 08, 2017

Catching Up with Mag Ruffman from Road to Avonlea

Thanks to Laura Grande for this lovely interview!


April 19, 2009

Avonlea online Q&A tonight

Tonight at 6:00 pm Eastern I'm going to be typing as fast as I can to answer questions posted at Avonlea Kindreds by fans of Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables.  Join us if you have an hour and ask me anything, I mean anything. 
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December 16, 2007

Avonlea Christmas Tonight

462_avonlea_xmas CTV is rebroadcasting the Avonlea Christmas reunion movie tonight at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern).  More info on CTV's web site.

Insider tip:  It was July when we shot this movie, so our cheeks are only pink because we were hot!

November 06, 2007

Was Olivia Dale handy? Had to be.

P1000904 I get lots of e-mail from Avonlea enthusiasts.  I thought I'd answer some of their letters, just to add a little drama.  Be warned, I will work in as many references to home maintenance as possible.

Dear Mag Ruffman,

My name is Abi, and I just want to say thank you so much for playing Oliva Dale on TOad to Avonlea.

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July 20, 2007

Avonlea lives again


Join series creator Kevin Sullivan and members of the Road to Avonlea
family for a screening of hilarious and candid moments
behind-the-scenes (many captured on home video by Mag) on this immensely popular television series. 


Additional information:

The AVCon07 auction of Road to Avonlea memorabilia will include costumes, props, books, DVDs, and many unique and specially autographed items. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Royal Ontario Museum. The event will be held in the Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. The auction is open to AVCon07 Members and the public. The auction is free.

The Avonlea Convention will have other Road to Avonlea related events happening in Toronto on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28. For more information: www.avonleaconvention.org

Cost:  AvCon07 attendees $15.00, Public $18.00, Member $15.00

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June 28, 2006

New Avonlea interviews

Sullivan Entertainment has posted some new online interviews and fascinating footage of a new movie-in-the-making.  You'll also find televised interviews from the First Official Avonlea Cast Reunion (a fundraiser for the Royal Ontario Museum in May). 

Ohm Photo:  R.H., Mag and Jackie goofing around at the museum.

March 13, 2006

Those wacky sisters

A truly goofy online interview with Jackie Burroughs and Mag Ruffman - recently upheaved from the video vaults of Sullivan Entertainment. 

March 01, 2006

Avonlea Lives

Qandainstructions_1Jasper Dale invented the first live chat software in 1919 by wiring two empty tins together with string.

Friends of Avonlea can chat online with Mag on Wednesday March 8th by registering now and then signing in on the day.   (Bring your own tins.  And keyboard.)


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Mag's Books

  • : We're All In This Together

    We're All In This Together
    Based on four years of interviews with Steve Smith, Mag's unconventional biography reveals the personal stories, sorrows and joys that continue to inspire the man behind the Red Green legacy.

  • : How Hard Can It Be?

    How Hard Can It Be?
    Mag's quirky and entertaining book of home improvement projects for beginners.

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