Breakfast Television with the Darling Dina

Every so often I get to do a morning with the high-spirited crew of Breakfast Television and I always have a blast with Dina.  She's quirky, fearless and in-the-moment.  Hence the turkey gobbling thing.  She got me to do it twice.  I can't believe I didn't make her do it too.  Dang.

(If you click on the photo it'll take you to the video)

Breakfast Television Toronto

Are You Kind of a Beginner with Power Tools?

RTR Photo - Season I

I love seeing the look on people's faces when they realize what they can do with a few tools. 

That's why I'm teaching a free "Power Tools for Beginners" class (1 hour) at the Toronto Fall Home Show Friday October 2 (3:00) and Saturday October 3 (3:30).  I'd love to see you there. 

We'll cover 4 basic power tools you need to build your own shelves, fences, outdoor furniture, planters and toys.  It'll be SO FUN.

I have some fantastic colleagues who are also teaching free classes this weekend at the show:

 HGTV's Hands-on Workshop Series

- Cheryl Torrenueva, HGTV design expert - Luxe living for less!
- Bryan Baeumler, host of HGTV's Disaster DIY - Building green
- Linda Leatherdale, financial expert - Your Home: How to get more bang
for your buck
- Christopher Jones, founder of - The vintage advantage
- Janette Ewen, interior stylist and CityLine expert - How to be your
own decorator
- Jackie Morra, founder, Home D├ęcor Solutions - Choosing the right
- ToolGirl, Mag Ruffman - Power tools for beginners

Here's a direct link to sign up for classes.  Hope to see you there.

Is $14 Worth It to Save Your Marriage? Okay, How About $9?

It's not the curlers that have made my quickie elopement endure for 20 years (so far).  But if you want to get a laugh from the drive-through attendant, this look always works. 

I'm just getting ready to hit the road for my presentation at the Calgary Home Show.  It's going to be SO FUN, and if you're married to someone who snores, it might even save your marriage.  Tickets to the home show are $14.

Here's what I'm planning to reveal at the show...

  1. The strange freakish things growing in my basement carpet that made me realize I had a problem
  2. How I cured the infestation for under $10
  3. How to have a cool, quiet bedroom (no snoring) even on hot nights
  4. Why a peri-menopausal woman can put her husband in a clinic
  5. How to prevent or alleviate asthma AND skin problems like eczema in one day
  6. How to get rid of a gross little creature in your bedding that 70% of us are allergic to

The show is monstrously good this year with  fantastic companies and product suppliers giving away free samples and educating you about how to improve your dwelling.

Plus, my friend Nancy is launching her kickin' contractor-referral site,, in Calgary this weekend, so she'll be at the home show awarding $5 Starbucks gift cards to anyone who gives a report (good or bad) on a recent experience they've had with a Calgary contractor or supplier.  And HomeStars can get you $5 off the cost of your show ticket too.

I'll be hanging out at the HomeStars booth in my spare time so come on over and say 'hi'. 

Check out the schedule for the Design Stage, including Bryan Baeumler and Karl Lohnes!

Hope to see you there.  I'll wear curlers if you will.

Great Father's Day Gift

Just in time for Father's Day, we've got a second printing of We're All In This Together ready to go and Canadian Tire has picked up the book. 
I'm on the road for the next couple of weeks signing books at Canadian Tire stores, so drop in if you're close by.  Check here for a detailed list of appearances.  Hope to see you there! 
In the meantime, here's a 2-minute clip from a recent book reading event where Steve and I tried to explain our decision to sell the book only in Canadian hardware stores.

Shopping for tools in New York city

I had a really fun day in Manhattan shopping for tools with New York Times reporter Steven Kurutz.  Finds:  a stainless steel tape measure, a Stanley jacketed graphite 16-oz. hammer.  And a really cool compressor that would unfortunately not be allowed in my luggage.
Shopping for tools in Manhattan

Photo: Steve and me pausing to help a hardware customer choose a tape measure.  We had a great day visiting hardware stores all over the city.  One store has been in the same spot since 1884.

Checking out stepladders Gracious Home at West 66th and Broadway has the best selection of stepladders in the city.  But the NutHouse was my personal favourite - 4 floors of hardware bliss and it's open 24 hours!

Manhattan hotel rooms are kinda squidgy.  The mirrors help distract you from the spatial restrictions.

Manhattan hotel room

We had a homey, damn fine meal at 9:30 pm in Brooklyn at Buttermilk Channel restaurant.  That's my nephew Chas's hand gracing the goblet.Merlot can actually be good

Off to New York


 is doing a short feature on shopping for tools in Manhattan and they asked me to be their guide.  Oh baby.

So Daniel and I are heading off to New York tomorrow to meet up with NYT reporter Steven Kurutz.  (I'm going to make a bold attempt at using Twitter to keep up with events as they unfold, if I can think of any witty, insightful things to say.  The best thing would be a close-up spotting of my favourite New York celebrity, David Pogue.) 

As of today, we've officially sold out of the first printing of We're All In This Together.  Here's Daniel getting the last four pallets ready to go...and the truck that came minutes later to pick 'em up.

 Last pallets of WAITT  Hydraulic lifts rock

We're All In This Together - it's arrived!

We're All In This Together

We're All In This Together: Red Green - The Man Behind the Character and Vice Versa is now in the duct tape aisle at participating Home Hardware, TruServ and Federated Co-op hardware stores.

As you know most of my attention this past year has been focused on birthing this biography of my friend Steve Smith. I'm so excited that it's finally in print.

Right now Steve and I are in the midst of a cross-country media tour to promote the book.

The book is published by ToolGirl Press and distributed in Canada by 3M the makers of Duct Tape. To find out more about the book, our tour and how you can purchase it (or even win a copy) please head on over to We're All In This Together.


No one has heard 'boo' from me in months.  Like a hotrod being pimped in a secret garage, I'm about to re-emerge with some mods.

Toolgirl2_thumb First, I'm going to be appearing at the Fall Home Show with tons of new info on how to get rid of the bugs, microbes, mites, bacteria, viruses and allergens that infest indoor air and surfaces.  I've got a really creepy slideshow for you, plus cutting-edge solutions to improve your sleep, your indoor air quality and your health this winter.  And as usual, tons of free giveaways from innovative companies like 3M, SmartSilk and Eco-Mist Solutions!

In addition to my mainstage presentation at the Home Show, I'm also teaching a new hands-on workshop, Power Tools for Beginners, featuring the latest power tools from Ryobi and free giveaways for some lucky participants.

On October 4th I'll be hosting the taping of the TV Special We're All In This Together: The Red Green Story for The Comedy Network. With guests Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, the Special will take a funny and touching behind-the-scenes look at what made The Red Green Show the second-longest-running comedy in the history of television!

Waitt_cover_sm And on November 5th, ToolGirl Press will publish the new biography of Red Green creator Steve Smith.  We're All In This Together: Red Green - The Man Behind the Character and Vice Versa will be on shelves November 6, but not in bookstores!  You'll find our book only in a Home Hardware, TruServ or Federated Co-op hardware store -  you're in there once a week anyway, right? TIP: We're printing a limited number of copies (printing is expensive!) so talk to your dealer soon and reserve your copy of this unconventional book about an unconventional Canadian icon.  You can sign up for updates - and details about the book tour that Steve and I will be doing - by visiting We're All In This Together.

Update on new book

BookcoverYou know it's been a wacky-busy summer when it's almost August -- oh wait -- when it's almost half-way through August and you still haven't noticed it's summer.  Here's a sneak peak at the book I've been working on with Red Green creator Steve Smith.  It'll be available this November in Canadian hardware stores coast to coast. 

Please visit for more details