January 17, 2016

How to Make a DIY Meditation Fountain


Some of us tend to forget what we’ve accomplished in our lifetimes and we find ourselves feeling like we’ve never done anything meaningful, useful or worthwhile.

Some of us may even go through low spots when we feel that our lives haven’t had any validity.

But when we express that to friends, they're aghast, because that’s not their sense at all. They may think we’re highly accomplished, but we feel like impostors.

So, after a couple of years of feeling that way, I decided to start questioning that belief. Just for a few days.

And in that few days I looked back at all the things I’ve done and you know what? Just scrolling through the ridiculous number of things I’ve made, tried to make, or failed to make, I felt better.

Here’s an example: Episode 1 of Anything I Can Do – “Fountain Do” – how to make a meditation fountain. It was my first day on set with this show (early 2000) and I was giddy to the point of hysteria. But it was kinda fun. And I got to shoot the show on the same farm we used when we shot Road to Avonlea. Such beauty and happy memories. 


Get the free downloadable plans for making your own version of Mag's DIY Meditation Fountain. 

And if by some chance DIY isn't your thang, here's Episode #1 of my relationship show, Men On Women, which aired in Canada in 2000-2001. 


  • Detecting attraction 
  • When a guy says "I'll call you" after a date, how long does a girl wait for him to call before she knows he was fibbing? And do women ever say "I'll call you" and not call?
  • Call from viewer: Why do guys make a distinction between a woman they'd want to marry and a woman who they want to fool around with?
  • Breast implants
  • Manly Moments: Kissing on a first date
  • Physical affection parameters
  • Rushing or not rushing a relationship
  • Audience question: On a first date, how do you know when you're not interested in a girl, and how do you let her know?
  • Relationships in art


February 08, 2013

How to make a tinned picture frame

This week's free ToolGirl How-to video gives you a billion options for bone-easy handmade gifts.  You'll learn to frame any two-dimensional item using inexpensive materials and a soldering iron...

How To Make A Tinned Picture Frame  - step by step instructions

January 23, 2013

The Joy of Pyrography

Here's a classic for all lovers of wood.  Try not to be dissuaded by the fact that I can barely pronounce the word 'pyrography'.  

October 02, 2012

How to appliqué almost anything on a candle

It's getting to be gifty season and I've got a hostess treat that's fast and classy depending on your definition of classy.  This quick video contains my hard-earned tips for festooning candles with microwave-pressed flowers (or hardware for a more manly version).  

September 11, 2012

Super-easy decoupaged mirror frame to build with your favourite kid

My friend Shyenna (7) has an eye for colour.  When there's paint around, she cuts loose.  Her choices are instant and fearless.  I love watching her because it inspires me to go with my own instincts, even though I've always doubted them.  

And this project isn't just about decorating with fabric and paint.  We also built the mirror frame from scratch.  It's a simple, fun project that any beginner can accomplish.  (Plus there's a monster who lives in the mirror!)


July 03, 2012

Proof that little kids should be allowed to use power tools

In case there's any doubt in your mind about whether someone as young as 4 years old can use a drill or a saw, just watch these faces...

(See 15 easy building projects for kids 3-9)


March 05, 2012

Sugru Subterfuge at IKEA!

Sometimes you just have to help giant manufacturers out with a few hacks to their displays...


November 30, 2011

Photo Blocks for Kids

I've been working on making more blocks for kids after reading this fantastic New York Times article about how educators are returning to blocks and unstructured play.  WHAT A HUGE STEP FORWARD!  Because fingers can do so much more than work on a computer keyboard or a tablet surface, and kids with 3D aptitude have, when given the chance, amazing ways of expressing themselves.  They're the makers, builders and artists of tomorrow.

Here's a little preview of photo blocks made from poplar.  


November 09, 2011

How to avoid disastrous paint color choices. And I would know about that.

I once had to repaint a floor 7 times because I couldn't get the colour right. I went through white, straw, green, grey, gold and brown before finally settling on Chili Pepper Red (and only because the paint-counter lady took pity on me and suggested it).  Things would have been way easier with this cool electronic tool, which is now available for free at any ICI paint store.  

November 08, 2011

Sneaky leaks and your water bill

1 in 5 toilets is snacking on your water supply while you're not watching. If you don't like the idea of adding as much as $250 to your annual water bill, you can fix a leak for less than $5 in under 5 minutes.

P.S. If you don't have a non-toxic vegetable dye tablet, a few drops of food colouring will do the trick.

P.P.S.  This just in - great tip from a reader for anyone who uses chlorine pucks in their toilet tanks...

Make a note that chlorine pucks put in tank to clean and disinfect toilet cause breakdown of flapper and voids new toilet warranty- i had to change 4 new ones within 2 months because of those damn pucks !!!!
Dr. Carey.  😖😃



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